About Vibha Nanda

Vibha Nanda is a professional artist working in acrylic, oil, encaustic and ceramic sculpture.

—"It's no longer technique, it's working from the soul"

Vibha has been exclusively pursuing her artistic career since 2005 with continual education in Europe, the Middle East and The United States. She has exhibited In New York, Providence and her current home in Doha, Qatar. 

Observation of her artistic evolution over the past 13 years as a full time artist illuminates her journey from process, technique and practice to her current state — barrier-free meditation through art. 

—On her encaustic works

Vibha discovered encaustics in 2013 and medium that combined her love of shape and color and added in a layer organic complexity. This process was further deepened when she was introduced to the encaustic monotype process. The immediacy of the monotype process with its quick actions and near magical effects awoke a new sensibility and passion in the artist.

—On her paintings

Vibha’s contemporary sensibility combined with a honing of traditional technique is creating refined and exciting modern artworks. Her exploration of shape and color interacting with material is exploring what it is to be both strong and feminine, abstract and impressionistic, muted and vibrant; ultimately grounded in tradition while exploring contemporary thought.

—On her sculpture

Working with ceramic is when Vibha returns to her most grounded state. "I lose my chaos in the clay," she said. This sentiment is reflected in her structural process that has always exhibited a stong element of abstraction that has been further progressed into refined technique and further expressive forms.