For me a canvas of this size in my studio was a challenge, which occasionally gave me sleepless nights. Then,one day as I was perched on my step ladder painting the top half, I had an epiphany. I lay the canvas down on the floor like a carpet and I started weaving,one bit at a time.

The hardest part was getting to the center but I think creative energy extends one's reach. Bit by bit I put color into my carpet. When I stood it up for the final touches I realized with all the love, struggle and extension of myself I had created something which will give me pleasure for a long time.

I can enter and exit its labyrinthine details.

I called it Jigsaw -  I knew it was was going to be a puzzle.


Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 60" X 78"

Year Created: 2012

See other: Acrylic, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Prism, Yellow


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